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Competition, regulation and network industries

This research group gathers works on the analysis of the strategies of firms and their effects on an effective smooth running or "socially" desirable of markets, including the protection of the environment, in addition to consumer satisfaction. In particular, the research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented regulatory policies, whether voluntary (from the private sector) or government (public sector). They seek to redefine, if necessary, certain rules for government intervention to correct market failures, thereby improving economic efficiency and/or quality of the environment.

The denomination of this research is methodological : works fails within the scope of industrial organization and follows the traditional tools of game theory and contract theory. But there is also a thematic unity to the extent that these research focuses on the one hand, the interaction between regulation (sectoral regulation and competition policy), business strategies and functioning of markets, particularly for network industries (telecommunications, energy and transport) and on the other hand, the cross effects between the functioning of markets for goods and services and environmental markets. An additional attention will be paid to the certification of energy resources and products that respect the environment, called "organic" or "sustainable" as well as various consumer information resources on it. The axis of this research project are organized in two directions that will lead to more research operations : (1) the interaction between regulation and network business strategies and (2) the interaction between commodity markets and environmental regulations.

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