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Public decision making, collective action and social ethics

The research project this group is to extend works developed in public decision-making.

The exceptional economic crisis affecting economies and modern societies has, on one hand, increased the need for state intervention, but also, on the other hand, increased constraints on government. Therefore, it is probably very important to consider the conditions, the limitations, the legitimacy of public action, the implementation and the alternatives that can be considered to State intervention. Keeping "social ethics" as a crucial dimension, as essential to justify and guide State intervention, we add an important idea : in the current context of scarce budgetary resources, public action can be defined or thought as alternative corrections of failing private coordination ; public intervention is essential if-and only if - individuals are unable to effectively coordinate spontaneously. Thus, we believe that no reflection on public action can only develop if it is not accompanied by an analysis of the conditions of collective action - understood here as an alternative and a complement, much more than substitute, for public action.

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