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Research fellow


Research topics:

- Analysis of agri-environmental policies: environmental impacts, determinants of supply
- Analysis of eco-labeling schemes and local food supply: market efficiency, consumer purchasing motivations
- Elicitation of social and risk preferences (farmers, consumers)
- Experimental economics, field experiments

Recent Publications:

- Bougherara D., Gassmann X., Piet L., Reynaud A., 2017, Structural estimation of farmers’ risk and ambiguity preferences: A field experiment, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 44(5):782–808.
- Bougherara, D., Costa, S. and Teisl, M., 2013, Making or Buying Environmental Public Goods: Do Consumers Care?, Land Economics, 89(4), 767–781.
- Bougherara, D., Denant-Boèmont, L. and Masclet D., 2011, Cooperation and Framing Effects in Provision Point Mechanisms: Experimental Evidence, Ecological Economics,70(6):1200-10.
- Bougherara D. and Piguet V., 2009, Market Behavior with Environmental Quality Information Costs, Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, 7(2), Article 8.
- Bougherara, D. and Combris P., 2009, Eco-Labelled Food Products: What are Consumers paying for? European Review of Agricultural Economics, 36(3):321-41.
- Bougherara D., Grolleau G. and Mzoughi N., 2009, Buy Local, Pollute Less: What Drives Households to Join A Community Supported Farm? Ecological Economics, 68(5):1488-95
- Bougherara D., Denant-Boèmont L. and Masclet D., 2008, "Eviter le mal ou… faire le bien": gestion des biens environnementaux et politiques de développement durable, Revue Economique, 59(3):685-92.
- Bougherara D., Grolleau G. and Thiébaut L., 2007, Benefiting from a Clean Environment versus Undertaking Efforts to Protect the Environment, Review of Agricultural Economics, 29(2):216–26.
- Bougherara D., Grolleau G. and Thiébaut L., 2005, Can Labelling Policies do More Harm Than Good ? An Analysis Applied to Environmental Labelling Schemes, European Journal of Law and Economics, 19:5-16.

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