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Sébastien Roussel is a member of Economics on Mendeley.

Articles récents publiés dans des revues à comité de lecture et ouvrages (sélection) / Recent published papers in peer-review journals and handbooks (selection)

Designing REDD+ Contracts to Resolve Additionality Issues (with M. Chiroleu-Assouline and J.-C. Poudou). Resource and Energy Economics, 51, 1-17, 2018.

Compensation Ecologique et Agriculture : Est-Ce Compatible ? (with L. Tardieu and A.-C. Vaissière). Revue Economique, 2017 (forthcoming)

How do Incidental Emotions Impact Pro-Environmental Behavior ? Evidence from the Dictator Game (with L. Ibanez and N. Moureau). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 66, 150-155, 2017.

Ecosystem Services. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. In : Marciano A., Ramello G.B. (Eds), New York : Springer, 2017 (in press)

Prosocial Behaviors. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. In : Marciano A., Ramello G.B. (Eds), New York : Springer, 2017 (in press).

Deforestation, Leakage and Avoided Deforestation Policies : A Spatial Analysis (with P. Delacote and E.J.Z. Robinson). Resource and Energy Economics, 45, 192-210, 2016.

Recreation Demand Analysis of Sensitive Natural Areas from an On-Site Survey (with J.-M. Salles and L. Tardieu). Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine, 2, 355-383, 2016.

Visitors’ Awareness of ICZM and WTP for Beach Conservation in Four European Mediterranean Regions (with S. Marzetti et al.). Marine Policy, 63, 100-108, 2016.

Exploring Direct and Indirect Regulation Ecosystem Services Loss caused by Linear Infrastructure Construction (with D. Labarraque and L. Tardieu). Revue d’Economie Politique, 125(2), 277-299, 2015.

Combining Direct and Indirect Impacts to Assess Ecosystem Service Loss due to Infrastructure Construction (with L. Tardieu, J.D. Thompson, D. Labarraque and J.-M. Salles). Journal of Environmental Management, 152, 145-157, 2015.

L’Influence des Emotions sur les Comportements Pro-Environnementaux (with L. Ibanez and N. Moureau). Revue d’Études en Agriculture et Environnement (from now on Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies), 96(2), 259-275, 2015.

Induction d’Emotions et Comportements Pro-Environnementaux dans le Cadre d’un Jeu du Dictateur (with L. Ibanez and N. Moureau). Revue d’Economie Politique, 124 (2), 215-242, 2014.

Assessing and Mapping Global Climate Regulation Service Loss Induced by Terrestrial Transport Infrastructure Construction (with L. Tardieu and J.-M. Salles). Ecosystem Services, 4, 73-81, 2013.

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