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Gilles Grolleau

Contact information

SupAgro LAMETA Bat 26, 2, place Pierre Viala 34 060 Montpellier Cedex 01 Tel : + 33 (0) / Fax : + 33 (0)4 67 63 54 09 E-mail :

Current Position

Professor (PhD, HDR), Department of Economics, SupAgro

Fields of interest

- Environmental economics with a special emphasis on voluntary approaches

- Behavioral and experimental economics applied to sustainable development

- Economics of piracy and counterfeiting

Selected publications

Retrouvez l’intégralité de mes publications sur Mendeley Research papers by Gilles Grolleau

Grolleau, G., McCann, L., Forthcoming, Designing Watershed Programs to Pay Farmers for Water Quality Services : Case Studies of Munich and New York City, Ecological Economics.

Salhi, S., Grolleau, G., Mzoughi, N. Sutan, A., Forthcoming, How Can Positional Concerns Prevent the Adoption of Socially Desirable Innovations ?, Journal of Economic Issues.

Bekir, I., El Harbi, S., Grolleau G., Forthcoming, Substituting Piracy with a Pay-What-You-Want Option : Does It Make Sense ?, European Journal of Law and Economics.

Bekir, I., El Harbi S., Grolleau, G., Forthcoming, How A Luxury Monopolist Might Benefit From the Aspirational Utility Effect of Counterfeiting ?, European Journal of Law and Economics.

Grolleau, G., Mzoughi, N., Saïd, S, 2012, Do You Believe that Others Are More Positional than You ? Results from an Empirical Survey on Positional Concerns in France, Journal of Socio-Economics, 41(1) : 48-54.

Grolleau, G., Mzoughi, N., Pekovic, S., 2012, Green Not (only) for Profit : An Empirical Examination of the Effect of Environmental-Related Standards on Employees’ Recruitment, Resource and Energy Economics, 34(1) : 74-92.

Bougherara, D. ; Grolleau, G. ; Mzoughi, N., 2010, How to Make Promises Without Having to Fulfill Them ? An Application to the Food Stamp Program (SNAP) and Rebate Schemes, Journal of Economic Issues, XLIV(4) : 1085-1093.

Barnett, J. ; El Harbi, S. ; Grolleau, G., 2010, The Fashion Lottery : Cooperative Innovation in Stochastic Markets, Journal of Legal Studies, 39:159-200.

Beretti, A. ; Grolleau, G. ; ; Mzoughi, N., 2009, How cognitive biases can affect the performance of eco-labeling schemes”. Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization : 7 (2) : 1-12.

Bougherara, D. ; Costa, S. ; Grolleau, G. ; Ibanez, L., 2009, Dealing with aversion to the sucker’s payoff in public goods games, Economics Bulletin, 29 (4) : 3194-3202.

Bougherara, D. ; Grolleau, G. ; Mzoughi, N., 2009, Buy Local, Pollute Less : What Drives Households to Join A Community Supported Farm ?, Ecological Economics, 68(5) : 1488-1495.

Grolleau, G. ; Ibanez, L ;; Mzoughi, N., 2009, Too Much of A Good Thing ? Why Altruism Can Harm The Environment ?, Ecological Economics, 68(7):2145-2149.

Grolleau, G. ; Mzoughi, N. ; Sutan, A., 2009, The Impact of Envy-Related Behaviours on Development, Journal of Economic Issues, 43(3):795 - 808.

Déprés C, Grolleau G, Mzoughi N, 2008, Contracting for Environmental Property Rights : The Case of Vittel, Economica, 75(299) : 412-434.

Grolleau, G. ; Ibanez, L. ; Mzoughi, N., 2007, Industrialists Hand in Hand with Environmentalists : How Eco-labeling Schemes Can Help Firms to Raise Rivals’ Costs, European Journal of Law and Economics, 24(3) : 215-236.

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