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Selected publications

Do binding agreements solve the social dilemma ?”, with Emmanuel Sol et Sylvie Thoron, Journal of Public Economics, 93, Issues 11-12, 1271-1282, 2009.

"Guessing with negative feedback : an experiment", with Angela Sutan, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 33, 1123-1133, 2009.

 "Theories of Behavior in principal-agent relationships with hidden action", with Claudia Keser, European Economic Review,  51, 1514-1533, 2007.

 "The efficiency of nonpoint source pollution instruments : An experimental approach", with François Cochard and Anastasios Xepapadeas, Environmental and Resource Economics, 30, 393-422, 2005.

"Trusting and reciprocal behavior in a repeated investment game", with François Cochard and Phu Nguyen Van, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, 55, 1, 31-44, 2004.

"An experiment on a repeated principal-agent relationship", with François Cochard, Economica, 72, 225-240, 2005.

"An experiment on consumer valuation of food safety : BDM versus second price auction", with Anne Rozan and Anne Stenger, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 31, 409-425, 2004.

"A comparison of trust and reciprocity between France and Germany : experimental investigation based on the investment game", with Claudia Keser, Christopher Lohmann and Jean-Claude Usunier, Journal of Economic Psychology, 24, 447-466, 2003.

"Strength of the social dilemma in a public goods experiment : an exploration of the error hypothesis", with Anthony Ziegelmeyer, Experimental Economics, 4, 131-134, 2001

"Principals’ Principles when agents’ actions are hidden", with Claudia Keser, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 18, 2000, 163-185.

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